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Friday, 3 July 2015

Take a trip away from the everyday,

Take a Dreamworld one day holiday.

That was the catchy jingle that used to play on the tv when I was a child, inviting you to come and visit the most exciting theme park in the country, well at least back in the day! The park has changed so much since I was little, but at it's heart it is still the same.

Yesterday on a complete whim, inspired by a friend, we bought 12 month passes for our family to visit the symbol of childhood ecstasy. Kinda crazy right from the outset as the park is much further from my home now than it was as a child and driving long distances with children in the car is rarely appealing to either the parents or the children! Despite this we decided spontaneity was the order of the day and we surprised the girls this morning by jumping into the car before the sun had even broken through the fog.

Without a doubt it was the perfect day. Perfect drive, perfect weather, perfect behaviour, perfectly planned. My inner child was beyond thrilled to share rides like the rapid river ride and the vintage cars with my own girls. My inner parent was bursting with pride to see my girls enjoying rides that I deemed far too scary or nauseating to contemplate!

That catchy tune kept playing in my head.

'Take a trip from the every day, take a Dreamworld one day holiday'

It is so hard to take a trip away from my every day. Even though it has become my normal, disability follows everywhere I go.

I noticed when the other children in the line stair at Imogen when she acts a little crazy. How to I tell them that she is just very forward in introducing herself and sometimes goes over the top trying to impress other kids.

I noticed when I saw another family with an older daughter with Down syndrome as they helped her off a ride. Will I always have to help Imogen negotiate physical obstacles?

I noticed when she was stuck on the dodgem cars and the attendant failed to help her. Did she just assume Imogen wouldn't understand how to operate the car?

These thoughts are so constant, sometimes fleeting, other times lingering, but they NEVER take a one day holiday.


4 hours of driving
7 hours at a theme park
3 amazingly brave girls
0 tantrums or tiffs

What an incredible day!