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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014!

Such an incredible 12 months. From low lows to high highs. A year ago I could not have imagined being where we are now,  but we had the technology, we could rebuild, a better, stronger, faster family - and we did.

Better than we were before, we are the 6 million dollar family.

After what feels like 7 years of famine we have had a year of plenty this year. The blessings have poured down on us, our careers, our house and our children. Our One Little Word - Together - has done us wonders as there has been nothing that we have undertaken this year that didn't begin from that mantra. Our garden is unrecognisable compared to 12 months ago and soon our house will be unrecognisable as building renovations get underway. We have strengthened friendships with incredible friends and forged new friendships with incredible and inspiring people in our town. 2015 is looking even better. Next year is another year of learning how to manage this journey.

I did not place any expectations on my two big girls and their school year and despite one or two hiccups, they have both excelled. They are both turning into book worms just like their parents. This year I have reveled in the opportunity to take my Viking to work with me and watch her blossom in a play based learning environment. I can't wait to spend next year with her again! How many mums are lucky enough to get to go to work AND spend valuable time with their little one? And still do the school run with the older kids? I count my blessings.

We were at time exhausted by the long line of specialists we had to see, some helpful, most were not. However, on the other side of it my Bear and I now feel so much more empowered to make decisions about the health and particularly and their diet. We have found that dairy and gluten free are really making a huge impact on making their lives easier, even if it has been insanely stressful for us at times. The upside to this is that Thor our Thermomix is making life so much easier and we missed out on none of the family food traditions this Christmas just because of our dietary restrictions.  What has truly surprised us is how responsible our girls have been about making food choices on their own. We've had plenty of feedback that when we are not their, they are asking other adults if the food is GF & DF before eating it! Even our Viking who is only 3 years old. How amazing are these girls!

My One Little Word for 2015 will be refinement.

Refining my parenting.
Refining my marriage.
Refining my leadership and management in my career.
Refining my GF & DF cooking skills.
Refining my friendships. 

Now bring on the celebrating!

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