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Friday, 14 February 2014


What a brilliant day to be blogging! Valentine's Day! Spoiled my Bear and he spoiled me. Despite having school meetings to go to tonight we will still be having a special V Day dinner and this year we are including our girls. We're telling them the story of St Valentine and sharing the love. It's part of our 'together' theme for the year. We are better parents for looking after ourselves and better in our selves for looking after our girls.

I love OTT displays of affection and really went all out this year with gifts and paper craft and cooking. I go OTT with my girls too, showering them with smoochy kisses and tickly cuddles. There are times though, when they need quiet love. One on one time where we have time to just 'be' together. This idea of balance has really had me thinking this week. Just like Alice nibbling at the two pieces of mushroom it can be hard to figure out how much you need of each to feel you are 'the right size'.

I've been blessed with a fabulous new job this year that has me doing several balancing acts. I'm balancing management duties with classroom teaching. Learning the ropes of being a director means I'm delegating the teaching a bit, but I know in a few weeks it will balance itself out. I have the most gorgeous kids and I have so many exciting things planned for this year. Balancing my roles at work aren't the only things on my set of scales; now that I'm back working part time I feel I'm in a much better position to balance work life and family. I'm adoring my days as a stay at home mum with my littlest girl, my Viking. We spend our days just chilling and baking and walking into our little town to catch up with friends.

Work balanced with family = happy life.

Our veggie patch is starting to pay dividends and the produce is spectacular. Our girls are getting a great sense of ownership seeing as they came up with the idea, they helped build it, choose the veggies, watered and weeded and now they get to eat the food the have harvested. They are asking us if they can exercise along side us when we run and when I do my yoga. We balance this with plenty of treats, our weekly pizza and movie night, chocolate Frogs from Grandpa and lots of baking sweets.  
Healthy lifestyle balanced with indulging in treats = happy body & mind

As for my disability advocacy, it's a fine line between working hard for my big girl and putting all my effort on her and spending energy helping others to fight for their children. My big girl has an IEP meeting coming up soon so my Bear and I are thinking about what she needs to get from the next 6 months of school. On the community front, I'm helping one parent deal with a SE teacher who doesn't seem to understand the funding system or have any useful strategies and helping another who is battling depression. Balancing the help I give my big girl and the help I give to other parents is tricky. I refuse to sit back and watch others go through the pain we've gone through in the past but I will not give my girls anything less than 110%.

Helping one balanced with helping many = happy soul

My little Unless Facebook group is underway and I invite you to join us. We're busy sharing funding opportunities and offering support and advice to those who need to share their experiences. Come and tell us what you are busy balancing!

Happy Valentine's Day! Much love to you all!

PS: Look what was just delivered to my front door! He always remembers the colours of my wedding bouquet! Love my Bear!

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